Where They Purr

Published by Thames & Hudson
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237 pages of stunning photographs of inspirational home interiors and cats living in them.

Cats can be notoriously aloof, yet they have a special knack for commanding a room. What can these curious creatures reveal about their owners’ personal style and design sensibilities?

Where They Purr showcases twenty-eight inspirational houses and their stylish interiors, along with the charismatic felines that call these places home. From a historic Victorian terrace to a modern farmhouse with panoramic vistas, an art-filled inner-city apartment to a cozy rental that melds classic pieces and clever design, discover each cat’s domain and their predilection for sunlit nooks, midcentury furniture, or rooms with a view.

Through stunning photography, Paul Barbera captures these enviable homes complemented by the enigmatic qualities of those most contrary of domestic companions: our cats.
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