Less Litter Box L-5-P

Less Litter Box is made of solid Certified 316 Austenitic Stainless Steel, also known as Medical-Grade and Marine-Grade Stainless Steel, the same material used for making boat parts, surgical instruments and Swiss watches. Ideal for multiple cats, preventing and separating infections and birthing. It accommodates large breeds such as Maine Coon, Ragdoll, multi-cat, and high-peeing cats. It’s extremely antimicrobial, durable, reliable, and resistant to corrosion, ammonia, and odor build-ups and degradation against feline urine. Entire box is unibody, high-wall, high-side and designed without rivets, adhesive, sharp corners, seams, crevices, joints, and moving parts. Exterior and interior are finely satin finished not polished to prevent from screeching noise.

Why round?
Cats biologically move in circular motions when they eliminate. A circular interior allows cats to fully utilize its unobstructed space to make a full circular motion whereas rectangular litter boxes are restricted to their narrowest measurement. Less Litter Box interior is 19.75inches in diameter without any obstruction.

What does it replace?
80+ lbs of plastic 
90718+ plastic straws

Each Less Litter Box is hand and machine-made, not stamped out of a machine on an assembly line. This means allow ~0.25 inch tolerance on each side of the diameter, this is a normal occurrence for steel production at our litter box sizes. When stainless steel is new, it's natural to have light visible scratches and uneven-brushed patterns. They become less visible over time as the material is used and becomes even finish. 

Utility Patent Pending (Design Functions and Material)

Raw material certified by a third-party in Switzerland, exceeds US and European Union standards, including Germany.

Shipping in 9/2021